Siya accuses Mel B of threatening her

Rapper Siya has accused Mel B of threatening her and has filed a complaint with the police.

Mel B is no stranger to the court of law and continues to find herself embroiled in legal troubles all the time. In the latest such event, the 42-year-old has been accused of intimidating Siya.

Siya was prepared to testify against her in her divorce battle with Stephen Belafonte. Siya has already filed a police report on Monday and according to Law Enforcement Resources, Siya claimed that Mel sent her texts threatening her to not  dare testify against the latter. After she showed the text messages to the police, the felony witness intimidation case was opened.

Sources say that Siya was a close friend of Stephen as well as Mel and that she was going to testify that Mel’s ex-husband never physically abused his wife. But Mel’s connections said that Siya and Mel met only a couple of times.

Siya is also set to testify that Mel B frequently used illegal drugs, and that it was Mel who called the shots in the couple’s three way with their nanny Lorraine Gilles.