Leo DiCaprio spotted holding hands with ex-girlfriend Tony Garrn

New images of Leo DiCaprio holding hands with ex-girlfriend Tony Garrn have been released on the web indicating a possible rekindling could be on the cards.

The images were released by DailyMail.co.uk wherein the 42-year-old actor was seen holding hands with his ex-girlfriend Tony Garrn, while leaving a nightclub in New York on Saturday morning. Leo’s romantic affairs have been much talked about and it seems like he cannot make up his mind.

The duo had ended their relationship back in 2014, but going by the way they were clenching tight, the possibility of them rekindling their romance doesn’t seem like a totally alien idea.

When DiCaprio noticed that the paparazzi had caught a glimpse of them, he sheepishly separated from the lady, but eyewitnesses reveal that they both eventually ended up going home together.

Justjared.com reports that Leo’s other love interest, model Lorena Rae, 23, was also at the same club and that they may have arrived together.