Claims Being Submitted In Infants’ Tylenol Settlement

Consumers who have bought Infants’ Tylenol in the past five years may be eligible to claim part of a $6.3 million settlement issued by Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ). The company agreed to pay up to that amount to consumers who purchased the medicine from Oct. 3, 2014, to Jan. 6, 2020. Eligible consumers must file a claim by April 13, 2020.

Consumers brought a class action lawsuit against the company claiming that the packaging for Infants’ Tylenol is misleading. The medicine’s packaging features a picture of a mother holding her baby and a label that says “infants.” The lawsuit argued that those features mislead consumers into thinking Infants’ Tylenol is specially formulated for infants, when it really contains the same concentration of liquid acetaminophen as Children’s Tylenol. Infants’ Tylenol is sold at a higher price.

Johnson & Johnson has denied that it deceived anyone and claims that the two products are indeed different. The company points to additional safety features included with Infants’ Tylenol, including a syringe to administer a safe dose of the liquid medicine to an infant, which Children’s Tylenol does not include. As part of the settlement, the company agreed to clarify on the packaging of Infants’ Tylenol that the medicine contains the same concentration of liquid acetaminophen as Children’s Tylenol.

Consumers who purchased Infants’ Tylenol for personal or household use between Oct. 3, 2014 and Jan. 6, 2020 are eligible to claim $2.15 back for every one-ounce and two-ounce bottle of Infants’ Tylenol purchased. Claims made with proof of purchase (receipts, rewards records, card records or other documents) will receive priority and the number of bottles the consumer can claim is unlimited. Claims without proof of purchase are limited to seven bottles, or $15.05.

Consumers can file a claim online or request a claim form by calling 1-866-458-2108. Only one claim form can be submitted per household. According to the settlement, it could take a year or more to receive payment.